How to nurse breasts every day.

Breast is an important part of women’s body, and women can’t ignore the nursing of breast. Because you don’t pay attention to breast care, it is very likely that breast diseases will occur. So, how do you care for your breasts every day?

First of all, it is very important to choose the right bra for breast care. According to the situation, choose the right bra, don’t be too tight or too loose. Clean the nipple frequently. You can use some oil to coat the nipple, which can soften the dirt on the nipple surface, and then wash it quickly with soap and hot water.

Secondly, the breasts can’t be washed with too hot water, so women can’t take a bath in a very hot bathtub when taking a bath. Too hot water temperature will relax the soft tissues of the breasts, leading to sagging breasts. The ideal bath water temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius.

Finally, every day, give the breast a time to adjust, and don’t wear underwear to sleep when taking a nap or sleeping at night, so that the breast, chest and back muscles have enough time to relax, so as to be beneficial to the blood circulation of the breast. There is another way to build breasts. Breast tissue is fat-free, so you can’t make your breasts bigger by means of exercise, but exercise can help women train their pectoral muscles, which will make your breasts look bigger.

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