How to practice the lower abdomen

Many women who love beauty want their waistlines not to be too thick and their stomachs not to be too loose, so they pay great attention to diet conditioning in their daily life, and they also want to exercise their stomachs through certain methods to avoid excessive growth of fat. So, how to practice well in the daily lower abdomen?

1. Sit-ups. A better way to exercise abdominal muscles is to do sit-up training every day. This exercise can be done once in the morning and once in the evening, and the training intensity can be reasonably arranged according to one’s own situation. Generally, it is better to have 10 to 30 in each group, and 3 to 5 groups should be done each time. Only when the body perspires can it be effective.

2. Abdominal muscle wheel training. You can also buy an abdominal muscle exercise, which is a small body-building machine specially designed for training abdominal muscles. It can be done in two groups every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, with 50 in each group, and it is necessary to make the body sweat before it can be effective.

3. Aerobics. Combined with the above training, you can increase aerobics or jog for 500~1000 meters every day, which can also consume more body than fat and strengthen your body. But also can mobilize muscles of all parts of the body to participate in sports, which will be helpful to the overall shaping of the body. Exercising the lower abdomen should be carried out persistently and combined with increasing diet and nutrition, so as to better reduce waist and abdomen fat, increase abdominal muscles and shape perfect body shape.

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