How to prevent a bad throat from catching a cold.

Generally, when people have a cold, there will be many adverse symptoms, such as cough, stuffy nose, etc., and patients may also feel sore throat. After you catch a cold, you can use some methods to relieve and improve the bad symptoms. So, how to prevent a bad throat when you have a cold?

Cold patients are prone to sore throat, which may also lead to hoarseness. After catching a cold, everyone can prevent throat discomfort by drinking plenty of water. Moreover, the home should be ventilated. If the air in the room çİş is not good, it will easily cause throat discomfort. If you catch a cold in winter, you can use a humidifier. Higher humidity can improve the throat symptoms.

A cold can cause a lot of discomfort. At this time, everyone can take cold medicine, which can prevent and relieve throat discomfort. Now there are many kinds of cold medicines, so you can buy them in pharmacies. You can choose cold medicines according to your own situation.

If you have a viral cold, the symptoms will be more serious, and it may also cause fever. At this time, you can take cold medicine with antipyretic effect. In addition, patients can also use physical methods to cool down, such as cold compress on forehead, taking a warm bath, etc. If the effect of taking medicine is not good at high fever, you should seek medical advice promptly.

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