How to prevent otitis media with cold.

Otitis media is a common disease. After suffering from the disease, it often feels stuffy in the ear, and there is a feeling of blockage. Patients also have the performance of hearing loss. There are many reasons that cause otitis media. Sometimes it happens after a cold, and some patients are accompanied by mild earache. So, how can a cold prevent otitis media?

If you want to prevent otitis media with cold, you should keep your nasal cavity clean, blow your nose correctly, and drop some medicines if necessary to keep your nasal cavity unblocked. When you sleep at night, you can use a humidifier in your bedroom to avoid 空 being too dry, which will cause inflammation of your nasal cavity. The humidifier should also be cleaned in time to avoid bacteria breeding.

Patients can also apply a warm towel to their nose to relieve the swelling of the nasal cavity. If the nasal congestion is severe, the head should be raised when sleeping to avoid mucus backflow. Only when the diet is light and digestible, do not eat irritating food, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins can the disease recover as soon as possible.

If you accidentally suffer from otitis media, the patient should rest quietly and keep adequate rest time. When sleeping, the neck should be raised to avoid aggravating discomfort. If fever is caused, it is necessary to keep sufficient water to prevent the body from getting weaker. As long as otitis media is treated in time, it can generally be cured without sequelae. It will take some time to recover, and patients need patience.

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