How to prevent scar formation.

Some people will leave scars on their bodies because of injuries or mosquito bites, especially those who are easy to leave scars, and even minor injuries will cause scars, which has a lot to do with people’s skin. So how to prevent scar formation?

Try not to hurt your body in your life. If you are traumatized or scalded, you must take good care of the wound. Only good care can prevent the scar from being too serious. If you have acne on your face, don’t squeeze it with your hands. Only by letting the acne disappear can you reduce the scar on your face.

When you are physically injured, you should slowly improve yourself, and don’t pick stuttering places with your hands. If you pick these places by yourself, you will leave scars. If you let yourself recover, the scars will be smaller, flatter and even difficult to be seen.

Some women will leave a scar on their stomach after caesarean section. To avoid the scar being too serious, try not to let the wound be infected when recovering, and let the wound recover slowly. This will make the scar recover faster to the greatest extent, and will not make the injured place hurt again. If it is hurt again, it will make the scar uneven and especially ugly.

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