How to promote postpartum uterine contraction.

Because of pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant women will increase, and the postpartum uterus will slowly return to normal state over time, which is called postpartum uterine contraction. So, how should we promote postpartum uterine contraction if we want to return to the prenatal condition as soon as possible?

After delivery, there will be residues in the uterus of pregnant women, which will affect uterine contraction. If the pregnant woman has finished giving birth and recovered, she should do more slight exercise with her family, which can promote the discharge of lochia and make the uterine contraction smoother. Many parturients are prone to anemia after delivery, because anemia leads to physical weakness and muscle weakness. Therefore, they should try their best to supplement their nutrition after delivery, enhance muscle contractility and promote uterine contraction.

Baby’s sucking behavior will stimulate mother’s hormone secretion and indirectly affect mother’s cervical operation. Pregnant women will feel a little pain, but oxytocin can help uterine contraction, so try to nurse as much as possible after delivery. Then, after delivery, we should pay attention to maintaining vaginal hygiene, strengthening the work of keeping the uterus warm, not touching cold things, and taking more rest. Uterine contraction can actually reflect the recovery of parturient. If there is discomfort at this stage, attention should be paid to it.

Women’s menstrual period is the best time for uterine involution. If the uterine contraction is not good, it will affect the rejuvenation of the uterus. Besides continuous bleeding, it is very likely that the lower abdomen will grow, and even a more serious situation will appear.

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