How to quickly reduce a cold.

Everyone must have had a cold, which is one of the most common diseases. There are many factors that cause colds, such as catching cold and virus infection. Some people still have fever when they have a cold, so we should take measures to reduce the fever. So, how can you quickly get rid of the fever when you have a cold?

When a cold is accompanied by fever symptoms, most of them are viral colds, and various adverse symptoms will be more serious at this time. If it is a low fever, it should be physically reduced. You can apply cold to your forehead or take a warm bath. When adults have a fever, they can also use alcohol to wipe their bodies, which has an excellent antipyretic effect.

When you have a high fever, you need to take antipyretic drugs. Because most people have inflammation when they have a cold and fever, they should also take anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, people with fever need to add more water, which will help to lower their body temperature and avoid dehydration.

After taking antipyretic drugs, everyone needs to observe the change of body temperature and measure it at any time. If the cooling effect is not good, they should go to the hospital in time. Otherwise, the high fever lasts too long, which will bring great harm to the body. Children’s persistent high fever can easily lead to convulsions, and adults may also faint.

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