How to recuperate functional diarrhea.

Many people often have symptoms of functional diarrhea, that is, diarrhea often occurs, but there is no organic disease after examination, which is called functional diarrhea. How to regulate functional diarrhea?

1. Diet conditioning. After every diarrhea, think about whether you have eaten something, such as milk, coffee and eggs. If you are intolerant of certain foods, you may have diarrhea after eating them. You need to stay away from these foods to avoid frequent diarrhea. Try to choose light and healthy foods in your daily diet, and avoid overeating or eating greasy and spicy foods.

2. Drug treatment. For patients with functional diarrhea, if the problem of diarrhea cannot be improved by diet conditioning, then the symptoms can only be controlled by medication. Drugs can choose some antidiarrheal drugs to relieve frequent diarrhea and prevent dehydration.

3. Psychotherapy. Because of functional diarrhea, many people will have anxiety and excessive mental stress, which will lead to more and more serious symptoms of diarrhea. For this situation, self-regulation of mentality is needed, and anti-anxiety medication may be needed if necessary.

For patients with functional diarrhea, it is best to go to the hospital regularly to check the gastrointestinal tract to see if there is any possibility of organic lesions.

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