How to recuperate poor postpartum skin.

In fact, women are both excited and painful after giving birth. During pregnancy, women not only have to endure physical changes, but also lose shape, as well as skin deterioration. So, how to recuperate the poor postpartum skin?

First of all, the main reason for the deterioration of human skin is excessive salt intake. If the human body ingests too much salt, it will show signs of slow metabolism, and then the skin will be rough or blackened. And postpartum mothers need breast milk, so don’t use any skin care products, just drink plenty of water to drain the excess salt in your body. In addition, what should women pay attention to after childbirth?

1, women are extremely weak, and intestinal peristalsis will slow down, at that time there will be constipation. During this period, we must drink plenty of water, so as to prevent constipation and help breast-feeding.

2. After giving birth, female friends must exercise properly, which can help postpartum women recover their body as soon as possible and enhance their own resistance.

3. Postpartum women should pay attention to lochia. Some vaginal secretions will appear in women after childbirth, and lochia will gradually improve as time goes by. In the meantime, treasure mothers must observe whether their lochia is healthy or not, and seek medical treatment immediately if they find any abnormality.

4. Nowadays, many women have caesarean section, and they should not have any sexual behavior within 6 weeks after caesarean section. If you have sex after 6 weeks, you also need some contraceptive measures, which is beneficial to women.

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