How to recuperate postpartum spots.

The skin on your face is relatively fragile compared with most of your skin. Also prone to spots, acne, large pores and other skin problems. These problems also plague many women. Especially for parturients, after giving birth, they find that their skin is getting worse and spots are getting more and more. How to recuperate postpartum spots?

It can be done from both external and internal aspects. For babies, basking in the sun helps to supplement calcium. Mothers need sun protection when taking their babies in the sun. Wear a big hat and apply sunscreen to reduce melanin precipitation on your face. In addition, mothers with conditions can choose laser treatment or medical treatment. It has a good effect on spots. In diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin C. All kinds of fruits and vegetables are good choices.

Why are there so many spots after delivery?

1. hormone secretion. Many pregnant women have spots during pregnancy, and most of them are chloasma. It is because of the reaction between progesterone and melanin during pregnancy that these spots appear on the face. These spots will gradually disappear with the end of pregnancy. Mother doesn’t have to worry about this.

2. Decreased immunity. For pregnant mothers, immunity declines during pregnancy, and their skin will be sensitive. Ultraviolet erosion, abnormal work and rest, spots will appear. Pay attention to early bed and sun protection.

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