How to reduce the fire quickly when getting angry with a cold.

Everyone must have had a cold, which is one of the diseases that people are most susceptible to. There are many kinds of colds, such as wind-heat cold, wind-cold cold and influenza. Different types of colds, when treating, there will be some differences in specific methods. So, how can a cold get rid of fire quickly?

When suffering from wind-heat cold, it is likely to be accompanied by symptoms of excessive internal heat. If patients want to remove the fire, they can drink some mint water. Mentha haplocalyx has excellent fire-extinguishing effect. Drinking Mentha haplocalyx can remove the internal heat in the body, and then relieve the symptoms of wind-heat cold.

When people get angry with a cold, they can also eat some food for reducing fire, such as lettuce, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd, pear and grapefruit, which have the effect of reducing fire. Patients can eat more at ordinary times, which can have a good effect of reducing fire. In addition, everyone should avoid eating foods that are easy to cause excessive internal heat, such as spicy hot pot and barbecue.

If the situation of excessive internal heat is serious, you should take some drugs with fire-clearing effect. However, it is best not to take the medicine by yourself, so as to avoid side effects. Instead, you should ask a doctor to prescribe the medicine and strictly follow the doctor’s advice to take the medicine. Patients should usually drink plenty of water, preferably plain boiled water. This can not only dispel internal heat, but also improve throat discomfort.

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