How to reduce the lower abdomen most effectively?

Being in the middle of the body can easily get everyone’s attention. Especially from the aspect of body building, the lines of abdomen can obviously enhance the aesthetic feeling, so abdominal exercise is a very important thing, so how to reduce the lower abdomen is the most effective?

1. Plate support. The most effective way to improve the lower abdomen is plate support, which can also be called the most classic training method. That is, when doing plate support, it is necessary to keep a long time, and make the movements very standard, so that the body is always in a straight line, so as to achieve the desired effect.

2. Scissors legs, this method of thinning the lower abdomen, is to keep the shoulders off the ground, and then straighten your legs. The abdomen needs to be kept under high tension at all times. When it is done, you can use your legs to exercise alternately. After a period of time, the lower abdomen can easily keep the best state.

3. Bend sideways to keep your body upright, and then separate your legs with your arms in a parallel picture. Next, use your left finger to touch the position of your right foot, and the right arm needs to be lifted up, in which the arms and legs can’t be bent. After breathing, do the movement, wait until it is finished before breathing, then change the direction and repeat the previous movement for about eight times in a row.

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