How to relieve cold rhinitis.

Many cold symptoms are caused by bacterial infection, which will lead to cough, runny nose and other symptoms in cold patients. If the symptoms of runny nose are not treated in time, the serious bacteria in nasal cavity will continue to develop, leading to rhinitis. I would like to ask how to relieve cold and rhinitis.

If cold patients have rhinitis symptoms, they should first use cold drugs to treat them symptomatically. After the cold symptoms are controlled, they should cooperate with doctors to treat the rhinitis symptoms caused by cold, and use drugs according to the doctor’s advice. During this period, they can also use normal saline to clean the nasal cavity, thus effectively alleviating the symptoms of cold rhinitis.

Patients with colds can also relieve rhinitis symptoms caused by colds by drinking more water, opening humidifiers indoors and keeping indoor temperature and humidity appropriate. During this period, patients should also avoid cold environment, especially when going out in cold winter, they must take measures to protect themselves from cold and warm, and it is best to wear masks and hats, so as to avoid aggravation of cold and rhinitis symptoms caused by cold wind stimulation.

In addition, after the rhinitis symptoms are relieved and cured, patients should take more physical exercises and actively do some aerobic exercises to help improve their immunity, reduce the incidence of cold symptoms and avoid the recurrence of rhinitis symptoms. In terms of diet, we should also keep healthy, adhere to good eating habits and pay attention to daily diet conditioning, so as to be more conducive to maintaining a healthy physical condition.

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