How to relieve gout symptoms.

Many people think that gout is common among the elderly, but now more and more young people have symptoms of gout. Often, after staying up late to drink, their ankles and soles are red, swollen and painful, and their feet are afraid to push hard, even to the point where they can’t walk. Gout is caused by abnormal purine metabolism in human body and accumulation of uric acid in human body. Gout is prone to repeated attacks, which causes great trouble to people. So how to relieve gout symptoms?

To reduce the symptoms of gout, we should first pay attention to diet. And seafood and beer are the most likely to aggravate gout, so gout patients must stay away from these two foods. In addition, pay attention to eating more alkaline foods, such as green vegetables and fresh fruits. In addition, patients should try to eat less internal organs of animals, and try not to eat some meat with high purine content.

To reduce the symptoms of gout, we should pay more attention to drinking plain boiled water. Drinking plain boiled water can promote urination, thereby promoting uric acid excretion in patients and relieving gout symptoms. In addition, you can usually eat more seasonings, such as green onions, green ginger and garlic. All these can eliminate uric acid in human body and relieve gout.

Gout will recur if you are not careful, and it will cause pain to the patient. When you are uncomfortable, the patient can apply an ice bag to the red and swollen area for about a quarter of an hour at a time. You can also try to lie flat, raise the swelling and pain, let the blood flow back to the heart, and relieve discomfort.

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