How to relieve hydronephrosis.

Illness is something that everyone doesn’t want, but the health of the body can’t be decided by themselves sometimes. Some people are not feeling well. It is hydronephrosis to go to the hospital for examination. How can hydronephrosis be relieved?

First of all, we should find out what causes hydronephrosis. If it is caused by stones, we need to treat the problems of stones first, and we can choose the methods of drug lithotripsy, surgical removal of stones, extracorporeal lithotripsy, etc. After removing stones, the problem of hydronephrosis will gradually ease, so we should go to the hospital to actively treat the problem of stones.

If it is hydronephrosis caused by urinary tract obstruction, it is necessary to solve the problem of obstruction first. It is possible to use catheterization or cystostomy to make urine smooth, so as to solve the obstruction and alleviate the problem of hydronephrosis.

If hydronephrosis is accompanied by urinary tract infection, antibiotics should be used for anti-infection treatment. As long as the inflammation is controlled, the problem of hydronephrosis can be gradually alleviated. Therefore, if you want to relieve hydronephrosis, you need to find the cause, and then actively treat and control the symptoms according to the examination results.

Once the patient has any discomfort, he/she needs to actively go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment, and don’t delay time all the time, otherwise it may lead to aggravation of the disease, which will make the treatment more difficult.

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