How to relieve itching of children’s wounds.

Children are young, and when playing, they will inevitably have some bumps and sometimes leave wounds. For some wounds that heal quickly, itching may occur. Children do not have a good sense of protection, and they only want to scratch when they feel itchy, but this is not good. So, how can children stop itching?

Children’s wounds are itchy. If you want to relieve itching, you can’t scratch them excessively. This will only make them itch more and more, indicating that they are healing and growing new meat. You need to avoid scratching them with your hands to prevent infection and delay the healing of wounds. If you can’t help it, you can gently massage them with your hands or treat them with normal saline.

To divert attention, patients can watch TV or do other things, which generally do not last for a long time. If itching is unbearable, they should follow the doctor’s advice and use some antipruritic drugs. In the process, the wound should be kept dry, and it is best not to touch water.

Patients should also pay attention to diet, it is best to give priority to light, do not eat spicy food, it is easy to cause inflammation and infection to the wound, eat more fruits and vegetables, which is conducive to wound healing. Patients don’t have to worry too much. Itching is a common phenomenon, and some measures should be taken to relieve it. Usually, it can get better. Parents can also bring gloves to their children to prevent scratching the wound.

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