How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy.

In the first trimester, nausea and vomiting are quite normal. Some people always vomit, but some people don’t vomit at all. If pregnant mothers often have nausea and vomiting, they need to find ways to relieve it, otherwise it will affect their normal life. How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy?

1. In order to relieve nausea and vomiting, you can prevent irritation and try to avoid smelling irritating smell, otherwise nausea will occur. In daily life, try to avoid eating too much food. You should eat less and more meals and eat more light foods rich in protein to suppress your aversion.

2. Eat snacks, put cookies and other snacks on the bedside, eat some after getting up, to prevent çİş abdomen, and then get up again, so that it is not easy to appear sleepy symptoms.

3. Eat less or not greasy food, which will stimulate the digestive system and make it difficult to digest and absorb it. It is best not to eat these foods during pregnancy, which will affect health and aggravate the morning sickness reaction.

4. Drink small saliva instead of stubbornly drinking water, which will swell the stomach. Try to drink it in small mouthfuls, and drink some sports drinks containing glucose, salt and potassium to supplement the substances lost in the body.

Nutritional preparation during pregnancy should start from two months’ preparation time, and should be strengthened after diagnosis of pregnancy. Eat more high-quality protein foods rich in essential amino acids. Most pregnant mothers’ symptoms of morning sickness disappear quickly. Generally, it will return to normal after three months of pregnancy, and you can do B-ultrasound regularly. Of course, some pregnant mothers will not disappear until 18 weeks of pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers will have symptoms of vomiting during the whole pregnancy. When does morning sickness end, it is related to the pregnant mother’s personal constitution, so the time of morning sickness end is different.

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