How to relieve pain in scapulohumeral periarthritis.

Speaking of scapulohumeral periarthritis, many people will know that there will be star pain around the shoulder joint, and there will be tenderness. In addition, there will be some restrictions on the activities of the shoulder joint, especially the stiffness of this part. When scapulohumeral periarthritis occurs, it is still very painful and uncomfortable. So, how does scapulohumeral periarthritis relieve pain?

If you want to relieve the pain of scapulohumeral periarthritis, you need to look at the specific degree of pain. If it is severe pain, you can take some analgesic drugs. At the same time, it can be relieved with self-massage. Self-massage is mainly performed at the lateral or anterior position of the shoulder joint, and it is necessary to find local pain points and press for one or two minutes.

Hot compress on the painful part of scapulohumeral periarthritis is also very effective in relieving the pain of shoulder joint. When applying, you can use a hot towel or a hot water bottle, both of which are very useful. But this can only play a temporary relief role. In the recovery of scapulohumeral periarthritis, we must pay attention to joint function exercises.

Around the position of the shoulder joint, some movements can be performed, such as rotation, which is mainly to move the shoulder joint as much as possible. In addition, you can also do some stretching and bending exercises, as well as outreach and turning the lamp around. When the pain caused by scapulohumeral periarthritis is relieved to a certain extent, it is necessary to continue to exercise.

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