How to relieve the pain of gout.

Many middle-aged and elderly people are especially uncomfortable when they have gout, which may be normal at ordinary times. However, if gout attacks, it will be particularly painful, and may even lead to joint deformation, affecting normal work and life. However, it is impossible to treat gout overnight, so when gout pain occurs, it is necessary to take certain measures to relieve it, so how to alleviate the pain of gout?

First, you can choose to use ice compress to relieve the pain. Sometimes gout is sudden, so there may be severe pain, and there may be rapid redness at joints. At this time, ice compress can effectively relieve redness and pain.

Second, you can use the method of soaking your feet. People with gout can actually soak their feet frequently, which can also effectively help relieve the pain when gout attacks.

Third, people with gout should move their joints more often in daily life, so that there will be no particularly severe pain when they have a sudden attack. Although there will still be some discomfort, the pain has been greatly reduced compared with when they are inactive.

Fourth, you can choose to take some analgesic drugs. When gout attacks, there may be a very strong feeling. At this time, if other methods have no effect, you can choose to take some anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs to relieve the pain.

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