How to remove acne on the face with salt?

Growing acne is a very painful thing for some people who love beauty, and they will think about using various methods to get rid of acne. Salt has a good acne removing effect, but many people don’t know how to remove it, so let’s explore how to remove acne on the face with salt.

1. After washing your face normally, use a small amount of warm water, and then add some salt. After thoroughly melting the salt, soak your face in salt water, which can sterilize the whole face. The method of removing acne with salt is simple and effective, and it does not cost much money. It will have a good effect for people with acne on their faces.

2. After washing your face with facial cleanser, put a spoonful of salt in the palm of your hand, add a small amount of water, mix the salt and water evenly, and massage while applying. After the salt water on your face turns into dry powder, clean the salt on your face with warm water, and then wait until the water on your face is evaporated, and then apply skin care products normally. The method of washing your face with salt can’t see the effect immediately, and it usually needs to be used for a period of time in the morning and evening, which will achieve a good acne removing effect.

Salt can be used not only to remove acne on the face, but also to remove acne on the back. The method of removing acne with salt is relatively affordable, does not cost people too much money, and has a good effect, especially for blackheads and acne.

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