How to remove closed acne.

Closed acne is also one of the comedones, which can be divided into blackheads, whiteheads, open acne and closed acne. Nowadays, most people love beauty. If there are too many closed acne on their faces, it will affect their beauty. Therefore, the closed acne should be removed in time. So, how to get rid of closed acne?

Pay attention to daily care. The most important thing is to remove makeup every night, completely remove makeup, and don’t sleep without removing makeup. Use more cleanser and skin care products to keep your skin tender. Get horny every week. Moreover, we should use some products to replenish water and control oil. Instead of skin oil, use some refreshing skin care products and cosmetics.

Apply water film+clean facial mask, you can choose some lotions containing calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory and maintaining stability. In the first step of skin care, do water film for a few minutes. If there is a small area of closed mouth in a certain part of the face, it may be because the cleaning is not in place, which leads to grease accumulation. You can strengthen the local cleaning mask.

According to brush acid Dafa, acid is one of the great artifacts for removing silence. It can soften cutin, dredge pores and clean grease in pores. Common acids include almond acid, salicylic acid and so on. Brush acid is risky, so use it carefully. Before using acid products, it is best to carry out tolerance test to avoid allergy and other problems. Meanwhile, pay attention to water supplement.

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