How to remove dark circles?

Women love beauty and pay great attention to the beauty of their face. However, sometimes, because of their busy work, they often stay up late or have poor eating habits, and dark circles easily appear under their eyes, which affects their appearance and makes them look less energetic. Therefore, many women have tried various methods to remove dark circles under their eyes. So, what’s the way to get rid of dark circles?

1。 Vitamin C supplementation

Dark circles around eyelids are essentially caused by excessive deposition of melanin. Vitamin C can effectively inhibit melanin production. Women can choose to eat more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as apples and pears, or drink a glass of lemon honey water every day to supplement vitamin C, pay attention to sleep and rest, which can quickly fade out dark circles.

2。 External use

Some things coated on the eyes also have a good effect of removing dark circles under the eyes. For example, you can slice raw potatoes and smear them on your eyes for about 20 minutes to clean them. The substances in potatoes can absorb melanin. Green tea can also remove dark circles under the eyes. After brewing green tea with boiling water, eyes can be fumigated with hot 空 gas. Milk has a good whitening effect. After cold storage, skim milk can be soaked in cotton pad and smeared on eyes.

3。 Massage acupoints

Long-term eye fatigue is also prone to dark circles, and massage can relieve dark circles. The method is to massage the tail of the eye, the lower eye socket and the lateral side of the nose with fingers more than ten times a day to reduce dark circles.

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