How to replenish blood for yin deficiency and internal heat constitution.

Nowadays, many people are suffering from anemia, especially female friends, who are prone to anemia. If there is yin deficiency at the time of anemia, it will make the symptoms of anemia more serious. Therefore, in the case of yin deficiency and anemia, it is necessary to recuperate in time. So, how to replenish blood for yin deficiency and internal heat constitution?

If people with yin deficiency and internal heat want to enrich their blood, they can take food therapy. Usually, they eat more blood-enriching foods, such as red dates, which have the functions of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, enriching the blood and calming the nerves, and can also moisten the heart and lungs and promote the growth of body fluid. Eating some red dates often has an excellent aftercare effect on anemia, white face, qi and blood disorder and other symptoms.

Carrots are vegetables that people often eat. They are rich in nutrition, such as containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, and have the function of enriching blood. If you eat more carrots at ordinary times, you can have the effects of enriching blood and nourishing liver, strengthening spleen and resolving stagnation. But also can improve the symptoms of vision loss, spleen deficiency and food stagnation caused by yin deficiency and internal heat.

At present, there are many kinds of blood-enriching foods, such as pig liver, which is very suitable for patients with yin deficiency and internal heat and iron deficiency anemia. If anemia is very serious, we need active treatment in addition to food supplement. Only when we find the cause of anemia can we solve the problem of anemia fundamentally and thoroughly.

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