How to resolve liver halitosis.

Many people are faced with halitosis, which is mostly caused by improper diet and bad stomach. However, it may also indicate liver damage. People who suffer from liver diseases for a long time will also have halitosis, which cannot be well relieved by cleaning the oral cavity. This is mainly caused by the decline of metabolism after liver damage. So, how to resolve the halitosis of liver?

If the bad breath of the liver wants to be resolved, the liver should be maintained to avoid further damage to the liver, so as to effectively resolve it. Patients should pay attention to diet and good living habits. They should adjust their peace of mind at ordinary times. When they are in a bad mood, the qi in their bodies will be restrained, which will easily lead to poor liver and bad breath.

Alcohol is very harmful to the liver, especially for patients with liver diseases, and it is necessary to stay away from alcohol. When there is a problem with the liver, alcohol will further damage the liver, and then show bad breath. In order to better protect the liver, you should usually have a good sleep, and don’t often stay up late.

If you use your eyes for a long time, it will lead to insufficient liver qi, poor blood and poor metabolism, which will also cause bad breath. Therefore, you should pay attention to reasonable rest and keep away from greasy food. If you consume too much fat, the burden on your liver will be too heavy, which will easily lead to the accumulation of fat, thus forming fatty liver.

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