How to solve the severe nasal congestion caused by cold.

The weather suddenly turned cold, and 空 was slightly dry. Many people start to catch a cold when they are not careful. Cold nasal congestion leads to unsmooth breathing and swelling of the head, which not only affects work, but also makes it more uncomfortable to sleep at night, seriously affecting the quality of sleep. How to solve severe nasal congestion?

1. Use decongestants for nasal congestion caused by colds and allergies. A decongestant is an over-the-counter drug sold in pharmacies, and its active ingredient is usually pseudoephedrine or benzamidine.

2. Self-made nasal spray. Take a spoonful of salt and dissolve it thoroughly in a cup of warm water, with your head slightly to the side. Drop the salt water into one nostril, stay for 10 seconds, and then lower your head to let the salt water and snot flow out gently, so does the other nostril.

3. Rinse the nasal cavity. Find a nasal washing pot. The basic way to use it is to wash your nose from one nostril to another.

4. Steam method. Take a bath for 10-15 minutes, raise the water temperature a little, and breathe more steam when taking a bath. You can also put your face close to a pot of steaming water and dredge the nasal cavity.

5. Raise your head. Nasal congestion affects sleep, so it is best to lie on your back and raise your head, so that nasal congestion can be effectively relieved.

6. Shiatsu massage. Although shiatsu massage is a bit outdated, it is miraculous to some people. If you hate endless medication or just want to try new methods, try sinus massage.

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