How to strengthen the spleen and stomach of children.

According to Chinese medicine, spleen and stomach are acquired, and healthy spleen and stomach can effectively guarantee the metabolism of the body. Children should consciously raise their spleen and stomach from an early age, enhance their own resistance and prevent illness. However, it is inevitable that some children will have spleen and stomach disorders. So, how can children strengthen their spleen and stomach?

Spleen in TCM includes various concepts related to physiological functions, such as digestion of spleen and stomach, transmission of nutrients and water, and absorption. Children’s spleen is often deficient because children’s spleen and stomach function is relatively weak, and the spleen and stomach are easily out of balance, which leads to anorexia, indigestion and poor nutrition absorption.

When children are found to have bad spleen and stomach, Bao Baba and Bao Ma should pay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach of children. Especially at 1-6 years old, this is the golden period of strengthening the spleen for children, and more nutrition is needed to meet the needs of growth and development. Only when the spleen is well, can it be digested and absorbed well, and can it be delicious and grow taller and stronger.

It is found that children’s spleen and stomach can be conditioned by diet therapy in the early stage, and they can eat more apples, mushrooms and wheat; When necessary, choose drugs again. The most important thing is to carry out professional and targeted treatment for spleen deficiency. At the same time, pay attention to the safety of taking drugs for a long time and children’s acceptance. It is best to choose drugs with the same ingredients as medicine and food, and the taste is in line with children’s taste.

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