How to supplement liver and kidney yin deficiency.

The physical condition of many people with liver and kidney yin deficiency easily leads to liver yin deficiency, which often bothers patients, such as dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, etc., and the phenomenon of memory loss. Moreover, they often can’t sleep and are often awakened by dreams, which has a great impact on the body. So, how to make up for liver and kidney yin deficiency?

If you want to tonify yin deficiency of liver and kidney, you can take medicine. Patients should do a good job of conditioning, and you can take some drugs to nourish liver and kidney. It is best to see Chinese medicine for conditioning. You need to consult a professional Chinese medicine, and treat it according to the cause, so that it will be effective. Patients with liver weakness should avoid eating salty food, usually do not eat chilies and greasy food, and try to keep their diet light.

Spicy food can easily lead to a big fire, which will also consume yin qi, increase the burden on the liver, and increase the condition of kidney weakness. Therefore, attention should be paid, and the yin deficiency of liver and kidney can be adjusted through diet therapy, such as medlar sesame paste and tremella bird’s nest porridge, etc., which should be selected according to their own reality, and at the same time, the proportion should be well grasped. In the process of stewing, skills should also be mastered, so as to be delicious and nutritious.

Patients should actively exercise to reduce some hazards, and at the same time promote blood circulation, which is also helpful to the symptoms of liver and kidney weakness. Patients should choose suitable exercise.

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