How to thin legs and hips.

In today’s society, women’s demand is to be thin for beauty. Losing weight is a common thing for women, and there are thousands of ways to lose weight. Even body is the envy of many women, but some women have a lot of meat on their legs and hips. How to thin legs and hips at this time?

There are many ways to lose weight, but in order to lose weight scientifically and healthily. It is suggested that women choose exercise to lose weight. If a woman has more fat in her legs or buttocks, she can tell you several thin legs and hips to lose weight:

1. First, lie flat on the bed, bend your knees at a right angle of 90 degrees, then take a towel or a book, clamp it with your knees and keep your hands flat between the sides. Hold on for 10 minutes every day for two weeks, and you will see the effect.

2. Sit on the cushion, keep your legs straight, bend your feet upward, support your body with your hands, and then try to lift your hips, so that you can tighten your body and keep it in this position for 10 minutes and two weeks. This movement must keep the body tight, which is very helpful to the inner thighs and buttocks.

In fact, we should also pay attention to it in life, such as walking as far as possible on the way to work, not sedentary for a long time at work, walking around frequently, going for a walk after dinner, or riding a bicycle when you have nothing to do. You can also massage after taking a shower and do a leg press.

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