How to thin your legs in 10 days.

Many women want to have graceful and slender legs, and hope that they can attract many envious eyes and make themselves beautiful all the time. But the fact is that many women’s legs have fat accumulation and become elephant legs, so how can the legs become thinner within 10 days?

1. Dry clean the legs. Hold your thighs every day, massage your legs all the way down from your hips to your ankles, and then massage them up from your ankles more than ten times and keep them several times a day, which can prevent leg edema, avoid muscle atrophy and prevent varicose veins of your lower limbs.

2. Knead your legs and belly. Stretch your legs horizontally on the bed, and rotate and massage your calf with both hands. Each leg needs to be massaged 20~30 times for one section, and each time you massage for six sections. This can promote the blood return of lower limbs, tighten the muscles of lower limbs, increase the strength of lower limbs, and play the role of stovepipe.

3. Twist your knees. Put your legs together, squat slightly, put your hands on your knees, twist them clockwise for 10 times, and then turn them into counterclockwise for 10 times. Doing more activities every day can treat knee pain and have a very good effect on stovepipe.

4.空 Middle pedal bicycle. Lying on your back in bed or on a yoga mat, then standing up your legs and pedaling wildly in 空 can effectively thin your legs. This action is also very tiring, but you must stick to it.

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