How to treat a cold with blood?

Cold is a very common phenomenon, but there are many pathogenic factors. If it is caused by a virus, the virus will invade the nasal mucosa, causing swelling of the nasal cavity, which is prone to rupture and bleeding. When a patient sucks out his nose, he will find bloodshot in his nose. So, how to treat a cold nose with blood?

Nose with blood should be treated according to specific conditions. If the amount of bleeding is not much, it is only necessary to actively treat the cold. Patients can follow the doctor’s advice, take antiviral drugs, and pay more attention to rest. If there is upper respiratory tract infection, they can take oral anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment.

When nose is bleeding, patients need to stop nosebleeds first. At this time, they should bow their heads properly and apply them with cold towels, which can effectively reduce body temperature, promote vasoconstriction and reduce bleeding. Patients should prepare more towels, and after repeated application, they can effectively stop bleeding.

If the body lacks some nutritional elements, especially vitamin C, it will also lead to bloody nose. Therefore, in normal diet, try to supplement vitamin C as much as possible, such as vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to a balanced diet. Viral cold may cause some inflammation, which will cause inflammation in the nasal cavity, which will also lead to swelling of nasal mucosa, resulting in bloodshot nose. During treatment, patients should pay attention to their own warmth and drink more hot water, so that the cold will get better faster.

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