How to treat acne on the face?

Sometimes, for various reasons, there will always be several pimples on the face, and acne will appear after a long time. If it is squeezed out, scars may be left, which will affect the face value, which is very troublesome. Many people don’t know how to deal with acne, so how to treat acne on their faces?

1. Keep the skin clean: The reason why acne grows on the face is mainly because the skin is unclean and the pores of the face are blocked by dirty things. Pay attention to keep the face clean. Moreover, acne cannot be squeezed out by hand before it is mature, which may lead to infection due to squeezing acne by hand. You can choose some acne cream or paste and other products.

2. Correct selection of facial cleanser: There are many kinds of facial cleanser on the market, including whitening cleanser and oil control cleanser. If acne grows on your face, you should choose the correct facial cleanser. It is best not to choose oil-controlled facial cleanser, because this kind of facial cleanser is not conducive to detoxification. You can choose facial cleanser rich in amino acids, because this kind of facial cleanser is most compatible with the skin and will not bring a burden to the skin.

3. Don’t make up: If you insist on making up for acne on your face, it will make your skin worse, and make up will affect the treatment effect of acne. Therefore, you can do basic skin care during acne to reduce the burden on your skin. If you need to make up, you can choose to wear light makeup and choose some refreshing foundation.

4. Don’t stay up late: There is a long way to go to treat acne, and it is very important to develop good habits of work and rest. To ensure adequate sleep time, it is best to sleep before 10: 00, because after 10: 00, it is the time for the liver to remove toxins from the body, and it can only be carried out while the human body is sleeping. If the liver fire is vigorous, acne will easily occur.

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