How to treat baldness?

Many middle-aged men will face baldness, which is also a phenomenon of hair loss. Baldness of hair will bother many people, because it is directly related to a person’s appearance, and baldness of hair will cause some psychological pressure. So, how to treat baldness?

Patients with hair baldness can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion on the head acupoints can be used, and then Chinese medicine can be used for conditioning, so that the phenomenon of hair baldness can be improved after a period of persistence. You can also adjust your diet and eat more black sesame seeds, walnuts, whole grains and other foods that are helpful for hair growth. If baldness is particularly serious, patients can also choose to go to the hospital for hair transplantation to effectively improve their symptoms.

Patients can also be treated with some hormone drugs for external use under the guidance of doctors, so as to stimulate the growth of hair follicles, so that bald parts will slowly give birth to new hair. Patients who are prone to hair loss should pay attention to reasonable diet at ordinary times, ensure balanced nutrition, supplement more vitamins and protein, have regular routine and keep a good mood.

In addition to treatment and conditioning, daily hair care is also very important. You can comb your scalp with a comb every morning to stimulate hair follicle growth. At the same time, avoid washing the scalp with shampoo with strong alkalinity, and try to choose shampoo that is less irritating to the scalp. Patients with alopecia don’t put too much mental pressure on themselves, don’t stay up late, and keep insufficient sleep, which is beneficial to hair growth.

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