How to treat breast hyperplasia?

The high incidence of hyperplasia of mammary glands is mainly women aged 30 to 50. As a breast disease, hyperplasia of mammary glands is actually a benign disease. At present, many women don’t know much about the clinical symptoms and treatment of hyperplasia of mammary glands, and want to know the specific treatment methods. So, how to treat breast hyperplasia?

Patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands need to see clinical symptoms. If the pain in the breast is not very strong and there is no lump or nodule, this situation does not need treatment. However, it is necessary to adjust the rhythm of daily life, especially pay attention to psychological stress, which can help relieve breast pain.

If breast pain is severe, it needs to be treated. Especially, there are nodules or lumps and abnormal symptoms of nipple discharge, which need to be treated. Especially if there is persistent pain, it can be treated with drugs. Severe hyperplasia of mammary glands can also be treated by surgery.

Mammary gland hyperplasia usually appears on both sides of breast, but the pain feeling on both sides will be different, which means that the pain feeling on one side will be stronger. Some women have a very strong pain when breast hyperplasia occurs, so they can’t even touch it. This situation has a great impact on their daily life. If there is mood fluctuation, the pain will be more intense.

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