How to treat chronic diarrhea.

Under normal circumstances, people need to defecate once a day, and the status and color of feces are normal. However, if the symptoms of diarrhea appear, the number of defecation may increase in one day, and the shape and color of feces are close to dark green. When defecating, you always feel that your stomach is cool, and sometimes you feel that your stomach hurts. This situation will continue for a long time, which will result in long-term chronic diarrhea. Long-term chronic diarrhea will bring discomfort to people’s health, so how to treat long-term chronic diarrhea?

Pay more attention to diet for chronic diarrhea. It is easier to absorb some fine grains for breakfast, and then some fruits and nuts, which will help relieve the intestinal pressure. Secondly, eat more “warm” food. When choosing fruits, choose more hot fruits, such as durian and plum. Eat less cold fruits like watermelons and pears.

Long-term diarrhea needs to find the cause and prescribe the right medicine. When the intestinal tract is infected, we should find the source of infection, stay away from the source of infection, and then combine with relevant drug treatment. In addition, it may be that the intestinal function is impaired and the immunity is reduced. Therefore, intestinal mucosa should be repaired first.

Patients with chronic diarrhea are already very uncomfortable. When actively looking for treatment measures, they should also pay attention to their three meals a day. It is not recommended to eat greasy food all the time, and don’t be too greedy for big fish and meat. High fat and protein will increase intestinal pressure and aggravate diarrhea.

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