How to treat cold by diet.

When the temperature changes greatly, if the body’s adaptability is poor, it is easy to suffer from cold and cold, which is more common in colds. It is necessary to take drugs to control the progress of the disease. In daily diet, it is necessary to eat more beneficial foods to improve the symptoms of the disease. So, how to treat cold and cold?

There are many therapeutic treatments for cold, such as perilla porridge, which mainly includes rice and perilla leaves. After the porridge is cooked, add perilla leaves, so that it can be eaten. Ginger radish soup is also suitable for patients. After preparing ginger and radish, put them in a pot and cook for a while, then add brown sugar to taste.

Patients should eat more hot food, but it is best not to eat cold food, so as to avoid cold invasion, which will aggravate their illness. They can boil ginger syrup to drink, which can also mildly invigorate qi and has a certain effect on cold and cold. The living environment should not be too damp. You can open the window to get some air, keep the room dry and breathe fresh çİş air.

In addition to the need to regulate diet, living habits also need to be adjusted. After illness, take more rest, don’t take strenuous exercise, and only after adequate rest can symptoms subside. In life, pay attention to keep warm, and appropriately increase clothes when going out. If the symptoms are serious, it is difficult to heal through daily conditioning, so go to the hospital for treatment.

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