How to treat eczema on hand?

According to the current clinical data, many patients now have some skin diseases to some extent, and eczema is a very high incidence problem in skin clinic. So how to treat eczema on your hands?

1. Avoid contact with chemicals. For patients with eczema in their hands, chemical products must be avoided in their daily life, and gloves should be worn as much as possible when washing clothes. Such behavior can directly cut off the contact with chemicals. When using skin care products, try to choose some pure plant ingredients, because these ingredients will be milder.

2. Improve diet. In terms of diet, it is best to give priority to lightness, and avoid spicy or cold foods, such as vegetables, cucumbers, apples, pears, watermelons and carrots, which are common in life, which are very good choices.

3. Maintain hand hygiene. For patients suffering from eczema, hand hygiene is also extremely important, so it is best to wash hands with warm water, and remember not to use alkaline soapy water, otherwise it will aggravate the degree of skin lesions and also aggravate the problem of hand itching.

3. Apply medicine. For patients with severe eczema, which has seriously affected their life and study, they should go to the local hospital in time, take corresponding drugs under the guidance of doctors, and then apply sesame oil to treat rash, so that the situation is better and faster.

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