How to treat hot cold in winter?

There are many types of colds, among which the most common ones are viral colds, wind-cold colds and wind-heat colds. Different types of colds have great differences in symptoms and treatment methods. For example, if you have a cold, you should remove the cold from your body. So, how to treat the cold in winter?

Most of the hot colds happen in summer, but under certain circumstances, they may also happen in winter. If you have a hot cold, you must drink plenty of water, which can speed up your metabolism and remove the internal heat in your body. In addition, patients should rest and pay attention to their body temperature.

If a cold is accompanied by fever, it is best to go to the hospital when the body temperature exceeds 38.5℃. Doctors will give patients routine blood tests, which can identify the cause. When the hot cold is severe, you can take related drugs to treat it, such as taking cold medicines that are pungent and cool.

After suffering from a hot cold in winter, besides taking medicine, everyone needs to pay attention to diet. You should eat more foods that are de-heated and de-heated, such as lettuce, pears and cucumbers. You can also make some radish soup, watermelon juice and pear soup by yourself. Patients should avoid spicy and hot food, such as dog meat, mutton and longan. If you eat spicy, hot and dry food, it will aggravate the adverse symptoms.

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