How to treat jaundice?

Newborn babies will have different degrees of jaundice, which is very common, because their liver function is not perfect and they can’t discharge excess bilirubin, which will lead to jaundice. Symptoms can be seen from the skin, and there are many types of jaundice, showing different conditions. So, how should jaundice be treated?

For symptomatic treatment of jaundice, physiological jaundice needs no special treatment, so long as attention is paid to nursing. The child’s face is yellow-stained, and then it will spread to other parts, reaching its peak in 3-5 days after birth, and it will improve and recover in two weeks. If it is premature, the time may be longer, and it is usually not accompanied by other symptoms except yellow-stained skin.

If jaundice continues to get worse and bilirubin level reaches a certain level, in order to avoid brain damage, timely treatment is also needed. Blue light irradiation is common. If bilirubin level does not decrease, it is necessary to be alert to pathological jaundice. Besides jaundice, it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite and listlessness.

Pathological jaundice has a long course of disease. If it is biliary atresia and other diseases, surgery should be taken. If it is breast-feeding, women should pay attention to diet, eat more foods containing vitamins, take children to the sun properly, and drink plenty of water, which are all conducive to the recovery of jaundice.

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