How to treat measles erythema.

Many female friends suddenly appeared fever symptoms, and they began to have a rash, which was bright red at first, and then slowly developed into dark red, and they could also merge with each other, similar to measles. In fact, this disease is measles-like erythema. So, how to treat measles-like erythema?

1. Stop using sensitizing drugs. Measles-like erythema in female friends is often related to drug allergy. Therefore, before treating measles-like erythema, we should first know which drugs have been used recently, and immediately stop using suspected sensitizing drugs.

2. Anti-allergy treatment. When measles-like erythema occurs, some anti-allergic drugs, such as antihistamines and nonspecific desensitizing drugs, can be used under the guidance of doctors. When using these antiallergic drugs, you must follow the doctor’s advice and never use them casually.

3. Antibiotic treatment: If skin infection occurs at the same time as measles-like erythema, antibiotics should be used according to the doctor’s advice. Generally, antibiotics can be injected intramuscularly or intravenously to fight infection.

4. Local treatment. Measles-like erythema needs local treatment under the guidance of doctors, so as to improve discomfort. For example, if measles-like erythema has no exudation, calamine lotion can be applied externally according to the doctor’s advice, which can effectively relieve discomfort.

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