How to treat O-leg operation?

At puberty or older, boys and girls will pay attention to their appearance and physical condition. This is a normal change, which can make us pay more attention to personal health and hygiene, and is also good for future growth. However, some people have some adverse symptoms, such as how to treat O-leg surgery.

It is not uncommon to be out of step with others because of physical reasons, and even to have serious inferiority complex, but some physical conditions can be recovered, such as leg shape. Many women will pay more attention to their leg shape and figure in adulthood. The surgical treatment of O-leg is mostly osteotomy, and the success rate of healing is quite high and the recovery is relatively good.

O-legs are really cruel to friends who are looking for beauty, which is a kind of genu varum in the knees of the body, and the common figure-eight legs, which are called genu valgus, are both the most prone leg deformities. Correcting through surgery or regular exercise is the best way to recover.

Normal children should not have this kind of problem, which is often caused by the lack of certain elements in the body, which will cause abnormal bone tissue and developmental disorder in some parts, and form bending deformation of leg bones when they grow up. If it is found early, it can be recovered well with timely nutrition supplement and certain exercise correction.

The operation of O-leg is treated by osteotomy of tibial tuberosity. After inverted U-leg, it can be restored by plaster setting, or other fixators can be used, which can often get a good recovery with diet, and the postoperative correction effect is good.

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