How to treat pelvic protrusion.

Pelvic bone protrusion will affect people’s health and normal life and work. Therefore, when pelvic protrusion is found to be serious, it is necessary to check and treat it in time. If we delay for a long time, there will be more serious consequences. So how to treat pelvic protrusion?

Patients with prominent pelvis must stay in bed more, reduce their activities and never do physical work. If the pain is severe, it is recommended to rest for three weeks. After three weeks, you can get out of bed with your waistline and exercise properly, but you can’t bend over, otherwise it will aggravate your illness.

After pelvic protrusion is relieved, you can do some waist muscle exercise, which can reduce the recurrence rate. But pay attention to the movement slowly and not too hard.

Massage can also effectively relieve pelvic protrusion and relieve the pressure inside the intervertebral disc. However, massage must be done by a professional person, otherwise pressing the wrong part will be counterproductive. It is best to go to a doctor in a Chinese medicine hospital for massage.

Traction is also a commonly used method to treat pelvic protrusion, which can open the direct space between the spine and reduce the pressure inside the intervertebral disc, so that the protruding part can be accommodated. This kind of treatment requires certain technical requirements, so we must go to the hospital for treatment.

If pelvic bone protrusion is serious, it needs to be treated with drugs, and anti-inflammatory drugs should be used for a long time, which can treat inflammation or adhesion around nerve roots. Corticosteroids need to be injected once a week, three times a course of treatment, and the effect can be seen after three courses of treatment.

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