How to treat scabies and eczema together?

Scabies and eczema are similar in appearance, which mainly means that the symptoms are very similar. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish scabies from eczema from the naked eye. After all, we are not professional. When they appear alone, they will be treated separately, and sometimes scabies and eczema will appear together. So, how to treat scabies and eczema together?

If scabies and eczema appear together, you need to check first. After all, scabies are caused by infected scabies. Judging from the symptoms of both, there will be small rashes. But scabies and eczema occur in different places. When treating, you can treat small rashes in different parts. If it is armpit, elbow fossa, etc., it is scabies.

Doctors usually use some ointment for external use, and just apply the ointment to the part with small rash. Because of scabies and eczema, it is necessary to apply different ointments according to doctor’s advice. When applying, you should see the parts clearly. According to different parts, choose different ointments to apply. After application, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin and protect the skin.

In severe cases, if comprehensive treatment is needed, not only external ointment is needed, but also some can be taken orally. This is helpful to effectively control scabies and eczema. In addition, we should pay attention to some taboos during treatment, such as prohibition of alcohol, smoking cessation, drinking plenty of water, and dietary fiber supplementation.

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