How to treat thin endometrium during ovulation.

Thin endometrium is abnormal physiological thin endometrium, which means that the thickness of endometrium does not reach normal level. So, how to treat thin endometrium during ovulation?

First, we need to rely on electrochemiluminescence immunoassay to check hormone levels, and vaginal four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound monitoring can detect intima thickness.

It takes five days for people with low estrogen to supplement 1
unit of natural estrogen at the beginning of the 10th day of menstruation. Early use will inhibit ovulation, and long-term use will lead to intimal hyperplasia.

Luteal insufficiency should be given every day on the fifth day of menstruation for five consecutive days, which can increase granulosa cells in follicles and increase progesterone secretion. And the elderly can be given a unit of growth hormone every day, depending on the reason and age. In severe cases, endometrial transplantation is needed, and puncture intervention is needed for ovulation disorder. Commonly used treatment methods are: surgical treatment, Chinese medicine, western medicine and so on.

Besides adjusting and correcting the endometrium through diet and drugs, we can also adjust our physiological functions through daily health care to achieve a balanced state.

1. Energy health care: keep a stable and happy mood, prevent excess energy, and reasonably control your emotions.

2. Physiological health care: Keep warm during menstruation and warm your stomach with a hot water bottle, which can promote menstrual blood discharge.

3. Exercise health care: Exercise is of great benefit to strengthening physical fitness. Practicing yoga is the best way to maintain the uterus. Yoga can make the blood circulation of female organs smooth and regulate hormone secretion.

4. Diet and health care: It should be light, not spicy, and eat more foods suitable for blood, such as soybean milk, black-bone chicken, honey, walnut, black sesame, melon seeds, etc.

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