How to treat verruca acuminata eczema?

The infection rate of condyloma acuminatum is relatively high, and there will be obvious changes locally. When the disease develops seriously, patients will also find that the genitals have cauliflower-like verruca accompanied with itching symptoms. Although they all hope that the disease can recover quickly, they should also choose regular treatment. After suffering from condyloma acuminatum, it is very harmful and difficult to treat. After being cured, the disease may appear again and again. So, how to treat condyloma acuminatum eczema?

In the treatment of verruca acuminata and eczema, microwave can be used to make local soft warts necrotic, so as to achieve the curative effect and reduce the recurrence rate. However, after treatment, the wound area is relatively large, which is prone to infection, so care should be taken after treatment.

Electric cauterization is also a common method, which has a good therapeutic effect on condyloma acuminatum, but it should be operated in a regular hospital and in a sterile environment to reduce the probability of infection. Cryotherapy is also a good method, which can reduce the degree of necrosis and the wound area. This method is safe and not easy to rebound. In the treatment process, we should first clean the local area and control the germs at the same time.

When treating condyloma acuminatum, the key is to be patient, because the disease is difficult to control, and it is easy to repeat after being cured. Women should have enough confidence, pay attention to hygiene, and prohibit sexual intercourse, so as to avoid spreading sexual intercourse.

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