How to use moisturizing cleanser.

Nowadays, more and more people, both men and women, are beginning to take care of their skin. Especially when the weather is dry, it is particularly important to moisturize the skin. Although it seems easy to wash your face, there is a certain amount of knowledge. Proper skin care can get twice the result with half the effort. So, how to use moisturizing cleanser?

How to use moisturizing cleanser

Generally, facial cleanser is used once in the morning and evening, which can play a very good role in cleaning and moisturizing. Before use, you should wet your face with water, then squeeze out a proper amount of cleanser and smear it on your face, and finally wash it with clear water. After using cleanser, you can use toner and lotion, and the moisturizing effect is more obvious.

Precautions for selecting moisturizing cleanser

When choosing cleanser, you should pay attention to the public health value in the instruction manual, and you should not choose one that is too alkaline. The ingredients of facial cleanser should be free of irritating substances, and those containing too much fruit acid or frosted particles are not allowed. It is best not to have preservatives in facial cleanser, because it contains certain active agents, which can increase the permeability of skin. If you use it more, your skin will become more sensitive.

Although moisturizing cleanser has a certain moisturizing effect, it cannot stay on the face for a long time, so the moisturizing function is still limited. After using cleanser, continue to use essence or cream, etc., which can better keep moisture.

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