How to walk with valgus calf.

Summer is a season to show your body. Many beautiful women have changed into their miniskirts, revealing their slender legs. However, there are also some beauties who dare not show their legs easily, for fear of exposing the shortcomings of their calf valgus. Actually, the valgus of the calf is related to the walking posture. How should the valgus of the calf walk?

A beautiful woman with a calf everted must deliberately control her toes when walking, and try to stretch out to the front as far as possible. At the same time, the butt is clamped hard, the upper arm swings naturally, and the front is visually observed. This walking posture may feel awkward at the beginning, but it will get used to it after a few days, which will help to improve the symptoms of valgus. When you sit down at ordinary times, don’t cross your legs, let alone sit on your knees.

Besides paying attention to walking posture, it can also be corrected by leggings. Look for a wide elastic band with moderate tightness, and wrap it around your calf, so that it can stretch into a finger. Keep this state for half an hour. Massage the calf after loosening, and stick to it to improve the problem of fading valgus.

In fact, most of the beauties with valgus calves have tiptoes inward when they walk. This posture for a long time leads to pelvic backward and femoral internal rotation, which leads to more and more serious valgus calves. At this time, correction can also be done by wearing an appliance, but the appliance should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

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