I have had three miscarriages, and now I’m pregnant. How can I keep my baby?

In life, many women do not pay attention to contraception when they are pregnant, which leads to their accidental pregnancy, and they will choose to solve it by induced abortion. Abortion will do some harm to women’s health. Some women have even had three abortions, which is quite harmful to their health. Let’s take a look at how to prevent miscarriage after three abortions.

If a woman wants to have a miscarriage after three abortions, she must avoid sharing a room at the beginning of pregnancy to avoid abortion. Work and rest should be regular, adequate sleep should be ensured, more rest should be taken at ordinary times, overwork should be avoided, and fresh çİş breath should be taken out properly. Keep your stool smooth. If you have constipation, don’t use laxatives indiscriminately.

The diet should be light and digestible, and foods containing vitamins can be eaten properly, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat. If stomach deficiency cold is avoided, try to avoid eating cold food, such as white fungus, mung bean, lotus seed, etc. If yin deficiency is excessive, try to avoid foods that are easy to get angry, such as carp, beef and dog meat.

In peacetime, it is necessary to keep a comfortable mood, avoid excessive tension, and avoid depression and anxiety. Personal hygiene needs to be done well. Bathing frequently and changing clothes should not be used in a bath, and do not go swimming. Clothes should be loose and tight, and flat shoes should be chosen instead of high heels.

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