Is acute hepatitis B a big three yang?

Acute hepatitis B, the full name of which is acute viral hepatitis B, is clinically considered as acute icteric hepatitis. Acute hepatitis B is contagious. The clinical manifestation of acute hepatitis B is very complex and has a long incubation period, so many people don’t know much about this disease. So, is acute hepatitis B a big thing?

Acute hepatitis B may be a big three yang, of course, chronic hepatitis B may also be a big three yang. Clinical examination for hepatitis B patients found that there are big three Yang, small three Yang, and even small two Yang. From the symptoms, acute hepatitis B will have symptoms such as yellow urine, loss of appetite, general fatigue and discomfort in the liver area.

When acute hepatitis B is severe, jaundice will appear, and sometimes it will be accompanied by symptoms of low fever. If the patient has the above abnormal symptoms, it is necessary to have a good hepatitis B examination. In fact, when the eyes or skin turn yellow, it has already indicated that acute hepatitis B is more serious. It is very important to pay attention to self-care at ordinary times and check regularly.

Acute hepatitis B is very harmful to the body, and its course of disease generally lasts for a long time, which will cause great damage to the liver. Severe acute hepatitis B will also develop into liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer, which will pose a greater threat to patients’ lives, and sometimes may induce other diseases, resulting in increasing physical burden on patients.

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