Is allergy the same as eczema?

Many people have suffered from eczema, which is a common skin disease. When suffering from eczema, besides the rash on the skin, most people also have itching symptoms. When treating eczema, we need to find the cause and treat it fundamentally. So, are allergies and eczema the same thing?

Allergy and eczema are not the same thing, but they are related. When allergic, it may cause eczema. It can be said that eczema grows on the skin, which is one of the manifestations of allergy. However, we should note that not all eczema is caused by allergies.

When people are allergic, besides eczema, they may also cause urticaria and solar dermatitis. It may also lead to asthma and difficulty breathing. When allergies are severe, patients’ lives will be in danger. In addition, allergies can also cause eye symptoms, such as tears, photophobia and swelling of eyelids.

The incidence of eczema is relatively high. Besides allergy, excessive damp-heat in the body, endocrine disorders and bacterial infection will also cause people to suffer from eczema. If eczema is caused by allergy, patients need anti-allergic treatment. In addition, we should find allergens, and avoid contact in our lives to avoid the recurrence of allergies.

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