Is amniotic fluid 34 mm normal at 12 weeks of gestation?

After pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a check-up. Because the fetal development is different at each stage, it is necessary to judge whether the fetal development is normal according to various values. Is the amniotic fluid 34 mm normal at the 12th week of pregnancy? How much is the depth of amniotic fluid normal?

The depth of amniotic fluid in 3~8 is normal, so it is normal to be 34 mm after 12 weeks of pregnancy. If the amniotic fluid is too much or too little, it will be unfavorable to the fetus. Lack of amniotic fluid will affect fetal development, and pregnant women need to drink plenty of water or drinks such as soybean milk and soup to supplement amniotic fluid. The excessive amniotic fluid proves that the fetus may be deformed, which needs attention, and may require further amniocentesis.

During pregnancy, we should pay attention not only to the development of fetus, but also to the amniotic fluid and placenta. Therefore, it is very important to go to the hospital regularly for B-ultrasound examination. By B-ultrasound, we can know the situation of fetus in uterine cavity, and also the situation of placenta and amniotic fluid.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should actively cooperate with doctors for examination. After each birth check, doctors will tell pregnant women when the next birth check-up will take place. Pregnant women should not delay the examination to avoid affecting the examination results of fetuses at each stage. Because once some inspections are missed, they cannot be re-inspected.

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